Friday, 29 October 2010

oct, 29th - autumn outfits.....

day 260:

i love Autumn and Winter many opportunities to layer. i was going to do a 'autumn outfit' post today but then realised that nearly everything that Limi has on was a gift. (thank you amazing friends and family!) it wouldn't be much of a post:

dress - gift
undershirt and leggings - gift
rattle (chook chook) - gift from friends in Oz

in fact the only thing i can tell you something about, is the hat which we pilfered from A.'s cupboard....and so it begins...the borrowing from dad's cupboard!

hopefully she'll wait awhile before chopping up his jeans to make baggy, hippy shorts.....what can say, i was an art student and it was the grunge era!

1 comment:

  1. love autumn. love layers. loooooooooooove her in this hat!!!


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