Friday, 22 October 2010

oct, 22nd - playgroup or cagefight....

[trying to steer her away from the face/head tapping]

day 253:

i'm all for teaching kids to fight their own battles....i mean, hey, i'm the youngest of three...if i hadn't learnt to fight my own battles then i would still be the one sitting in the middle of the back-seat on all long car trips; would have learnt that when i give back tickles the 5 minutes is more like 10 (and my siblings' 5 minute return tickles are more like 2 minutes....hey, i was small, i couldn't tell the time yet) and that it's not my duty to take up every activity that they do (to keep them company)....i mean doing karate, horse-riding, ballet and swimming is a busy schedule when you're under six.

but my lost battles aside.....i would like Limi to learn to sort out her own issues without running to me/ A.....the problem at the moment is how to protect the other kids.....those violent forms of affection that she keeps demonstrating to us, are transferring to her know: affectionate hair pulling; loving face pats; friendly eye pokes....and it's tough to resist the strong desire to strap her arms to her body whilst saying gently, gently, GENTLY she yanks on Aedan's ear!

but as long as she can take what she hands out (you know...within reason and without bullying...i definitely don't do bullying) and it seems that she's pretty comfortable with being poked in the eye, patted on the head, shoved out the way...

then i'll try to step back and let them try and figure it out for themselves....

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  1. tapping here sets you back 1800 for a session ....... wonder if we can persuade limi to tap away at heads for a solid 8 hours a day


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