Tuesday, 5 October 2010

oct, 5th - 500 coloured pencils....

day 235:

i was a big sharer when i was young (with two elder siblings, it wasn't really a choice thing)...except when it came to my crayons and pencils.....i hated it when someone smashed my crayons into the paper.

so there'd be no hope of me sharing these! 500 Coloured Pencils is a subscription service where you receive a pack of 25 (perfect, no smashing) coloured pencils each month, for 20 months. Genius.

not only would i be able to hoard 500 pencils but i could also satisfy any obsessive compulsive tendencies by arranging the colours and keeping each pencil equally sharp (now there's an exciting hobby.)

the Genius doesn't stop there. you can also buy various installation display options to turn your pencils into a work of art! 
and with brilliant names for each colour to memorise...you never have to leave the house again. perfect for Winter!

pencils names
and sadly, more perfect for Limi than for me....hopefully, she didn't inherit my non-crayon-sharing gene....

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  1. fantastic think my dream job would be working for opi or the crayon manufacturers just to be able to come up with some of the names they put to the colours ....the other day i had a shade of lilac on my toes not such a good colour for them but could not resist the name "rumpity winkel"


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