Friday, 12 November 2010

nov, 12th - olive picking in hipsta-pics....

day 273:

1. beautiful sunshine in the groves

2. me

3. working and singing. singing and working

4. blue skies

5. beautiful trees more than 100 years old

6. the nets

7. green and black

8. my sister's restored cinque, luigi

9. dreamy landscapes

10. limi and i....she wasn't much help with the picking this year

11. spotlight on.......


  1. You have such a lovely blog .... beautiful photographs !!!

  2. mandy, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and letting me discover yours.....truly beautiful. like a good book, i've needed to go back and look at the I'm currently reliving your days in May.

    i see that we share an obsession with distressed walls, sepia-toned furniture and Paris.

    i look forward to seeing what inspires you tomorrow.


  3. we have lots of olive trees in Portugal (where i'm from) and i love and miss them when i'm in the states. i have never gone olive picking though. looks like fun.
    beautiful pictures.


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