Thursday, 18 November 2010

nov, 18th - first report card....

day 279:

Limi's very first report card from Little Gym. she's currently a Bug but about to progress to being a Bird. 
(report card sent home with us by Greg her French gym instructor):

"Limi is a veteran of her class!! It is so great to see her enjoying her lessons since day one. She has very good interaction with the other children and loves to crawl around to wrestle with them. Or, is it in fact a hug?
To see the smile on her face is such a pleasure. She is so easy going that you can spot her for anything. She is very comfortable with her body.
The Birds class will be a great challenge for her for the next term, where she will be among walkers and older. I'm sure that they will even be impressed by her!"

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