Friday, 19 November 2010

nov, 19th - life after baby.....

day 280:

we did something spontaneous last night. i last remember doing something spontaneous back in 2009.

to be honest this was as spontaneous as you can be when you have to call a baby-sitter 8 hours in advance and plan the bedtime routine with military precision so that you've factored in your 10 minute prep time.

this was also the first time that we've used a baby-sitter that we've never met....(a good friend uses her all the time) and to be honest i was somehow more concerned that she wouldn't like us rather than the other way around.....i even did some cleaning (and worried about the lack of biscuits) in case we didn't make a good impression on the baby-sitter.

the reason we were 8-hours-in-advance-spontaneous?
a friend got some amazingly, fantastic news yesterday morning and so we headed out to celebrate.

oh! and i also got to wear impractical shoes. i have such a wonderful selection of impractical shoes...... that have been gathering dust since 2009 (i call these my wonder-woman- super-hero shoes!)

welcome back spontaneity and impractical shoes....i've missed you guys!

ps. the pre-dinner cocktails were found at a new (well new to us), jazzy bar in Nottinghill, called Montgomery Place.

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