Monday, 8 November 2010

nov, 8th - wrangling a wild kitten....

day 269:

flying with a 9 month old is like trying to wrangle a wild kitten in a coat-cupboard....

so a big sorry to:

- the man in front of me for two small feet that kicked your chair....continuously.....(i promise i tried my hardest to cushion the blows)
- the man in front of me for small hands that grabbed your hair
- the girl next to me for having to hold a bottle, a wayward sock, a book and even a baby at one stage.....
- the person behind me for the endless game of peek-a-boo
- and finally, to the person across the aisle for having to wave and smile (about 100 times) at a tiny, grinning upside down face

i think that i aged about 5 years in two and a half hours. at least the grandmother of another child flying along with the mother, came up to me afterwards as i was hauling my bag off the carousel to say 'you're terribly brave and well done!'

ps. during the flight limi bit me on the neck....BIT ME....she only has two small teeth but they are razor sharp! ouch!

pps. don't let this put you off flying with, next to, behind, or in front of a baby......but i say go long-haul all the way...these short haul, small planes are a nightmare!

ppps. i'm italy! whoohoo....definitely worth being bitten for.

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