Thursday, 25 November 2010

nov, 25th - T3L: bird under the arches.....

day 285:

T3London - Bird Shop Under The Arches (Ginkgo's Gardens)
(*for a description of what T3London means, click on day 160)

Bird, is my kinda stocks found, reclaimed and revived interior objects, is housed in the cavernous arches of the railway line and you will only find it by strolling through the rows of herbs and plants found at Ginkgo's Garden Nursery. 

i have a definite love of shops in railway arches after visiting the Viaduct des Arts in Paris years ago - these are 45 studios in the abandoned viaduct Daumesnil which were scheduled to be demolished but instead, were renovated and now have an amazing collection arts and crafts workshops, galleries, furniture showrooms, a restaurant and a café.

Bird has this same industrial, workshop quality that showcases its' gems to perfection.

from French linen to medicinal jars, vintage buttons to quirky cards, industrial storage to jam jars, browsing through Bird is always inspiring.  

As the owners say: 
"Retro, vintage, industrial, a bit of 50s glamour, some retro camping cool, everything in the shop is bought because we love it and it taps into our enjoyment of using and owning things that have history and character. Well made, original and rare… it’s a birdy thing."

Basic Info:

Gingko Garden Centre
Ravenscourt Avenue
W6 0SL

T. 020 8741 4065

Neighbourhood: Ravenscourt Park

Nearest Tube Stations: Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith


- the scent from the herb plants that wafts into the shop as you browse
- the Dig for Victory cards that come with a tiny packet of carrot seeds/ Lashings of Ginger Beer that come with a sachet of ginger beer mix

- the quirky finds that you never knew you wanted
- enjoying a coffee at Ginkgo's Cafe after your shop
- the French linen


- living in a Shoebox that can't accommodate the vintage French bottle rack

- feeling indecisive when there is so much to choose from

Tot Tips:

- easy to navigate with a buggy
- change facilities are available inside the Ginkgo's Cafe
- Ginkgo's Cafe is very child friendly with meals and a gated area

See you there!

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