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nov, 2nd - guest post: my friend limi....

day 263:

[that's me!]

My Friend Limi 

by Mabel Ruby aged 9 months and 8 days

Mama says I’ve known Limi (or Limster as she likes to call her) since I was in her tummy. Well I don’t remember being in my Mama’s tummy although I do remember a faint whooshing sound over and over and being in a warm dark place but that may just be a dream I once had I’m not really sure.

The first time I met Limi properly was at yoga, there we all were flat out on our yoga mats while our mums all pulled weird and wonderful poses above us. I thought yoga was meant to make you relaxed, but all the mums looked like they were in pain half the time. Weird.

[limi and i with our friend Aedan during our first Summer]

Limi was the coolest girl in the class (ok there was only two girls, me and her but one time another girl joined for a day and Limi was still way cooler than her).
She always had the best ‘grows’ you know, baby grows with the funkiest prints and always had them done up OVER her leggings, which meant she never had a hanging nappy, so grown up!

Around this time my Mama read a book called The Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer, which gave all babies a ‘type’ so you could look up what their personality traits were and deal with them accordingly. This was the hundredth book she had tried to read on how to bring me up. I kept trying to tell her what was going on with me, I’m hungry, cold, need a nappy change etc but all that ever came out was ‘Goo’ and ‘Gaa’ so I don’t blame her for wanting to ask someone else about it. Anyway, Limi was what was known as an ‘Angel Baby’ perfect and sweet natured and what every mother wants to bring home from the hospital. I on the other hand was a borderline ‘Grumpy/ Touchy Baby’ and a bit of a handful.

[me with my mama]

Over the last 9 months I think I’ve mellowed slightly (well I certainly feel better now that my colic has gone, gave me terrible gas in the evenings) and I think a lot of the mellowing has to do with Limi. She’s taught me to smile a lot, clap hands, blow raspberries and even sit up!  She’s trying to teach me to crawl at the moment which is proving rather difficult and I think I may give the whole thing a miss to be honest with you as I’d much rather play with my buttons on my jumper but don’t tell Limi. She’s also a great practical joker, she thinks it’s hilarious to steal my dummy and scoot off on her hands and knees knowing I can’t follower her, ha ha! ‘Give it back!’ I yell at the top of my voice but strangely all that comes out is ‘Da Daaaa!’ (the English Language is so hard, almost as hard as crawling.)

So, Limi thank you for being my buddy and for the last 9 months of fun and games. Mama says ‘hi’ and she’s glaring at me to get off the laptop now as a bit of my dribble has fallen in between the keys and I hope she doesn’t find out about the rice cake I smushed into the hole where the power lead goes, ssshh! 

thank you Bonnie and Mabel for such a delicious post! x

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