Friday, 26 November 2010

nov, 26th - yoga babies all grown up....

day 286:

i've mentioned before, how lucky i am to have signed up to pregnancy yoga (see day 32). not only did we have the best teacher in Colwyn but i also met an incredible bunch of girls who have helped me with all the tough decisions (like bottle brands, lack of sleep remedies, schedule ideas and other unmentionable topics)

with some of the girls back at work, baby social schedules to consider and snow on the ground, it's been hard for us all to get together lately. today was a rare day........

we met up for coffee and the predictable exclamations of: 'my word, he's/she's grown!!!' (see day 19 and day 159 for a comparison)

[bonnie and mabel made it on 2 hours sleep due to teething]

it was strangely fortuitous that when we started yoga we were mostly all around the same stage of pregnancy and the babies were born within weeks of each other.

[colwyn, gabriel, bonnie, claire, aedan and lots of coffee....lots and lots of coffee.....]

hot topics today were careers, 1st birthdays and christenings.

[bonnie (the one on the least amount of sleep) wrangling the babies - mabel, aedan and limi]

[lizzie, emily, fiona and thomas...did i mention how lucky i am]

we tried to get a pic of all the babies.....which proved to involve a lot of wrangling....

a LOT of wrangling.....

seriously....never work with kids.....

[love aedan and thomas in this pic]

but we got there in the end.....

and even got a pic of all of us too.

[left to right: emily, lizzie, limi, dee, bonnie, mabel, fiona, thomas, claire, aedan, colwyn and gabriel]

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