Tuesday, 23 November 2010

nov, 23rd - one of those days.....

day 283:

yesterday, we had one of those days........

one of those days where the world (or at least West London) seems against you...nothing seems to be going right and you'd rather curl up with a blanket over your head and hide but instead.....you end up in a swimming-pool with a baby with a raging temperature.....

it's a day where the bus breaks down as you rush to get her home.....your husband is in India and you spend the night sitting up with a steaming baby sleeping on your chest.....trying to decide when is the right time to call the emergency doctor.

today is a new day. and Limi's temperature is down.....although it did reach a serious level at 2am....i'm still hoping that it was just a pesky tooth and not a virus with a longer term plan. 

anyway, i've booked her in to see the doctor later.

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