Tuesday, 16 November 2010

nov, 16th - neighbourhood trees....

day 277:

anyone who has recently started reading this blog would think that it's a blog about trees.

it's not.

but i seem to have a slight tree obsession at the moment. it's probably all the strolling that i've done in the past 9 months.....i've never had so much time to peruse the neighbourhood and take in the trees and how they reflect the changing of the seasons.....

fogginess was in the air today and the trees looked shrouded and mysterious.....like the start of a dark fairytale....

one small, bug-eyed creature, wrapped up in blankets, was also spotted in the vicinity....

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  1. lol. have not been here in a while. i totally know what you mean. this spring in miami was the first time i actually got to experience it and anyone who was knew to my blog must have thought it was about trees and flowers.
    lovely tree pictures.
    happy to see you are all doing well.


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