Sunday, 7 November 2010

nov, 7th - wapping project....

day 268:

our sunday was filled with a small bit of work, some boats, a couple of cocktails, incredible views of iconic Tower Bridge and Autumn sunshine peeking through the clouds. 

a friend is a boat builder/ amazing timber craftsman who has recently been working for some barge-houseboat clients. i went off to shoot his work for a new website. what an incredible spot and community.

situated on the River Thames with an uninterrupted view of Tower Bridge (now that's something to wake up to every day), these barges have been turned into modern, stylish and super funky homes.....i love the contrast between the industrial, masculine exteriors and 

cosy, sleek interiors.

after that, we headed to lunch at The Wapping Project. this restaurant come gallery is an old favourite and i so wish that it was closer to us.....i would move to East London just to be closer to it. set in an old Hydraulic Power Station it has my favourite distressed, industrial walls and remnants of it's original purpose everywhere.

the food was amazing as always (i didn't have the whole tiny fish above ...those are A.'s kitten-breath -speciality)

Limi was there in her nautical stripes (with a few polka dots thrown it) but the general consensus was that she looked more like a vintage aviator/rugby player! and um....not necessarily in a good sorry honey-bee for dressing you oddly today.

beautiful Sunday.

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  1. Mmm this all looks so fabulous deedil. Gorgeous pics - love your moody hues. All totally up my alley. Ready for the teleport beam. love to limi xx


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