Friday, 10 June 2011

jun, 10th - grand daddy....

day 486:

if you're South African then Grand Daddy needs no introduction. there's been plenty written about this fantastic hotel in Cape Town. the building itself, right in the middle of downtown,  is a gem. according the the Grand Daddy facts, it was designed by a Dutchman called Mello Geradus Damstra, who settled in the Cape in 1895. and this gabled building certainly looks like a grand old dame.

painted gunmetal grey on the outside and filled with thought-through pieces inside, it makes a press-worthy statement but what actually gets the bloggers, visitors and magazines twitching is the trailer-park roof terrace....

up in the sky amongst Cape Town's office blocks, is a lager of Airstream caravans. with a backdrop of blue skies and grid windows, these shiny metal hotel rooms look even more like a fantasy place to stay. Limi loved running around the circular deck. for her the idea of a playground in the sky is perfectly normal.

and there are even regular movie night, shown on the big outdoor screen (my idea of heaven) with winter settling in down south at the moment, the films come with blankets, hot wattle bottles, gluhwein and heaters. 

i haven't ever stayed at Grand Daddy but i certainly recommend it to everyone, along with another hotel that was the first daddy in their group: Daddy Long Legs.

but next time we are down South, hopefully we'll get a chance to head to the countryside and try their latest offering called Old Mac Daddy.....a luxury trailer park that is my idea of what caravanning should be.....


  1. ive always wanted to visit this hotel. i saw it on pinterest a while back! so cool

  2. They have live music nights once a week, and we keep planning to go. Cape Town is sure a great place to have adventures in, isn't it? I'm loving my time here.


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