Tuesday, 14 June 2011

jun, 14th - 16 months....

day 490:

yikes...where has this month gone.....
a week late on the 16 month old round-up....

Dimensions & Weight:
Length - 80.5 cm

no change on:
Foot Length - 12.7 cm
Hand Length - 10.2 cm
Ear Length - 6 cm

Hair - still growing..with curls....

Teeth - a major teeth growing month.....five at the top and six at the bottom (including three hard-to-grow molars)
Weight - 11kgs

New Words - shower (hugely popular, especially in the morning), flower, shirt, bird, ouch, down, mummy, pah (for please), boop-boop (belly button), cat, ears

Old Words - dada, mama, baba, duck, dog, uh-oh, bye-bye, bubbles, toes, more, baby, shoes, door, nose, eyes, hat, ball, doll, zozo (for zozo the zebra), pup (for up), nono (for my mum), nana (for una, the doll), mimi (for limi) and an obsession with row-row (as in row-row-row your boat......), tah, light, boo, horse, wow

Sentences - two word sentences at the moment...

This Month's Likes & Dislikes:

Likes -

  • dolls (called baby)....HUGE fan...and pushing baby around in a pram....
  • keys and doors....especially trying to open door locks using keys
  • ducks {see day 476}
  • us, entertaining her with renditions of row-row-row your boat.....with actions...still
  • us, entertaining her with renditions of twinkle, twinkle little star
  • oslo {see day 478} and a menagerie of other animals: zozo (zebra), stitch (dog), koala (koala), dig-dig (wombat)

  • dive-bombing pillows....still
  • raisins...especially in boxes
  • paddling {see day 481}
  • telling us long and involved stories
  • climbing in and out of the buggy....the hard way.....

  • splashing in puddles {see day 488}
  • doing up clips....especially in the pram...most definitely still

Dislikes -

  • not paddling in a pool
  • handing keys over
  • not being allowed to drink half the bath water
  • growing teeth....still


  1. I thought I had documented our daughter more than the average bear, but you guys have me beat by a country mile. She's a doll.

  2. Limi just gets more and more adorable ... beautiful pics and lovely post Dee. X

  3. Limi is just...gorgeous!

    Love the new look...has a Basquiat feel to it with the little crown!

  4. Limi just cracks me up. She's hilarious and cute and pretty much the best dressed kid in town!

  5. 'kktempleton', but i still look back and wish that i had captured some moment in more detail :)

    Judith, thanks, i'm not so sure that i like the new header, but I love Basquiat so that's a lovely thing to say.

    Mandy/Louise, she is definitely discovering her own 'jokes' which have me crying with laughter.....great, small, happy person to hang around with.

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