Friday, 3 June 2011

jun, 3rd - a thing of beauty....

day 480:

it's weekend again.....the sun is shining in London, the birds are tweeting, the trees in our street are sprouting and i've been inspired to dust off the Rollei and have a's been ages since i loaded film into a camera and even longer since i cranked a medium format.....the idea of film has me tingling with joy.....literally smiling inside.......the anticipation of what the film might show.....the concentration in trying not to waste a frame......let's just hope that developing the film will reveal something....after all this time spent relaxing with digital, i'm not sure that i still remember how.

if not.......then i will just sit and grin at this camera.....i am completely smitten by it.

hope that you have a marvellous weekend. x


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