Friday, 24 June 2011

jun, 24th - v&a reading rooms....

day 499:

the great thing about that there is always something new to explore....sometimes, it's something brand new but other times, it's a gem that has just remained was always just there.

earlier in the week, i went to see this exhibition, on South African photographers, at the V&A. afterwards, i decided to try the V&A Reading Rooms. i'd recently read about them. they're not in the actual museum but across the road, a short walk away.

and what a find. a wonderful collection of books and you are enthusiastically encouraged to browse with a chilled glass of something in your hand....i was there mid morning so i chose a coffee instead. there are nooks throughout the space to settle in and turn some pages.

i found a sunny spot in the window and spent a good hour reading up on a wide selection of topics from the photographers that i had just seen to a history on victorian underwear......there is an eclectic collection in this place. a sweet spot. definitely worth another visit....especially for a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc. 

so, if you're in London - pop into the V&A Reading Rooms, it's like visiting a friend, with a brilliant library AND bar.


  1. Oh, I'm glad you posted about this! I read about it in Elle Decor and it's great to hear a review and see some more fantastic pictures. Your blog makes me miss London so so much.
    x claire

  2. I'm with "The River" .... HEAVEN !!!
    Beautiful photos Dee.


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