Monday, 27 June 2011

jun, 27th - cape to cuba....

day 502:

so after two days of sweltering London weather, threatening tropical-style thunderstorms and wimbledon covers going on and off more times than Limi playing with a light switch.....the weather has been the only thing taking centre stage lately.

we've slept with windows open, trains have been claustrophobic and Limi has run around in just a nappy and bloomers. it's been almost island life in London. so, no better time to share some of the last pics of our trip to South Africa in April.......and blog about one of my favourite places, Cape to Cuba.

it's a laid-back spot in Kalk Bay {see day 437day 438 and day 437 continued...}, with beach sand floors, chandeliers, tobacco and mean mojitos. 

you can sit around in the sunshine and enjoy some drinks or step into the dining room, pressed right up against the train line, you dine whilst looking out over the feels perfectly decadent and dishevelled all at once. a magical mix. 

Cape to Cuba's been around for awhile....usually in this town, it means that people have moved on to the next best thing but with something so good, this place still draws a crowd...who can resist popping into a place where you can throw off your slip slops, sink your toes into the sand, sip on a mojito and enjoy the sunset.....i know that i never get tired of it.


  1. Decadent and dishevelled. I love it... x

  2. I'm with Claire !!!
    Enjoy your summer, it's freezing here in Australia !!!

  3. oh i still love this place too! we go every time we're in cape town!

  4. I found you via one claire day and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, especially your South African adventure. My husband and i lived there for a year and traveled through many of the same areas, I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. An extra big smile though for reminding me of 'robots'.


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