Saturday, 4 June 2011

jun, 4th - late night at the v&a....

day 481:

friday night was a gorgeous summer's evening in London.....not one to be we bundled Limi into a black cab and headed to late night at the Victoria and Albert Museum {we last visited on day 378}

late nights have now been extended to every we had a brief look around the exhibitions...very brief....quite a race around really.....

there's a current exhibition on South African photographers at the Museum, it features 17 photographers who live and work in the country. i've been desperate to see it.....there's also a separate exhibit by David Goldblatt one of my all time favourite South African photographers.

we got to see glimpses but really we'll have to come back sans Limi to fully appreciate these exhibits. we did get to enjoy a drink from the bar in the main foyer....

i am seriously in love with the tile work at the V&A.

on previous visits, we've also spent time in the inner courtyard....sitting on the grass, appreciating the magnificence of the building. every year the V&A hosts a village fete where the courtyard gets turned into an art's worth a visit.

 never before have I paid particular attention to the huge splash pool in the middle.....Limi did........

and was devastated when we had to go.....

a lovely evening and a fantastic start to the weekend.....


  1. I love how you really enjoy everything your great city has to offer .... great shots Dee, loving the one of Limi having to leave.

  2. Love the fourth photograph of Limi..looks like
    she is thinking..'which way can I take off now!'
    Glad you enjoyed your evening at such a beautiful place.

  3. You do have fun, don't you? Lovely pics, lovely family, adorable Limi!!

  4. Ah your photo's are gorgeous! What a lovely blog...i am jealous of your awesome adventures.

    x - Andrea


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