Monday, 20 June 2011

jun, 20th - weekend....

day 495:

my sister and niece were in town this weekend....Limi was wriggle-out-of-her-skin excited to see them.

this is what we got up to......

we walked around this East London neighbourhood.....

we had lunch at The Boundary restaurant. not only is its' setting in an old Victorian warehouse stunning, but the food and the service were just brilliant. they accommodated a table of different ages with style as well as negotiating a table of horses without stress. a really lovely place....and we'll be back to have a drink on their roof terrace...taking in the view of London whilst wrapped in a complimentary blanket and toasting our toes against the fire.

love the windows and the interior of Hostem down the road......

it's all industrial lighting, raw metal, french linen, reclaimed wood, bare bulbs and plaster.......i've decided that if i ever build a house, this collection of materials will be my brief.

oh, and they have beautiful clothes too......

finally, family time for father's day.

ps. black cabs in London have a child seat in the middle of the backseat....this was posed just before we hopped out.


  1. How lovely Dee, I love seeing you with your family !!!

  2. hi there, i'd like to include your website in an article for babble, please email me so I can fill you in. jaime at prudentbaby dot com. thank you!

  3. Gorgeous family - clearly have an SA flair :)

  4. Also, where did your sister get her fabulous, GORGEOUS shoes from?

  5. Thanks! I just wish that my family lived close by.

    Jamie, looking forward to seeing the piece on Babble

    'India Daisy', they're marc jacobs but as my sister says ' bought on sale from the factory shop' :)


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