Thursday, 23 June 2011

jun, 23rd - baking....

day 498:

i love baking. i used to do a lot more of it......... i'm not particularly patient....i'm more of a sift-ingredients-together-throw-in-some-liquid-and-cross-my-fingers-that-it-will-rise type sister, on the other hand, is brilliant........the produce-a-batch-of-meltingly-light-fairy-cakes-in-a-spare-moment-during-a-busy-afternoon type baker.....but i do love the ritual of separating eggs, scraping batter....and hoping for magic......and of course, licking the spatula is something that i want Limi to remember from her childhood the same way that i remember it from mine......

 so, to keep my folding-wrist in practise, i made some brownies today....adapted from a recipe by Small Food, it a simple recipe that produces dense, chewy-centred brownies that give you a serious chocolate-jolt.....they're not the healthy option but definitely worth a try.

Pecan Chocolate Brownies

2/3  (two-thirds) of a cup of plain flour
1 cup cocoa powder
3 cups demerara sugar
1 cup muscovado
2 cups roughly chopped pecans
125 g good dark chocolate, roughly chopped
125 g good milk chocolate, roughly chopped
500 g butter
4 teaspoons vanilla essence
8 eggs, lightly beaten

if making it for a dinner party, then:
substitute 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence with 1 dessert spoon of good quality Rum

1. preheat the oven to 180 C. grease two baking tins with butter and line with baking paper. 

2. sift the flour and cocoa together and add the sugar and pecans

3. make a well in the dry ingredients and add the chocolate

4. gently melt the butter and add to the ingredients with the eggs and vanilla essence (and Rum, if adding)

5. fold together, pour into the tin and smooth the surface

6. bake for 50 mins or until the top has a thin crust and the centre in spongy

7. leave to cool a bit and either cut roughly and serve warm with creme fraiche or ice-cream or alternatively, refrigerate  for 2 hours and cut neater wedges.

makes about 25 rectangular wedges, depending on how big you cut them.

i loved baking to resist eating them........fancy some tea?


  1. Yummmy and I can see you used my favorite chocolate in the recipe, I always believe you should never cook with chocolate you wouldn't eat and wine you wouldn't drink !!!

  2. but pecans bleeeuuuggghhhh...what happened to the no fruit in food thing

  3. INVITE ME, INVITE ME. i want IN on this tea!

  4. mandy, so agree, if only so that you can taste while you cook.

    my sister, pecans are not fruit.......and they add a great crunch.

    sal, you are ALWAYS invited to tea!


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