Wednesday, 22 June 2011

jun, 22nd - float like a butterfly....

day 497:

words floating about in my head at the moment: metamorphosis, rebirth, flight ( least a severe longing for some travel) it was apt that we visited the Natural History Museum's butterfly exhibition yesterday....

the outdoor butterfly house has become an annual event.....and something that i thought Limi would love this year. 

yes, butterflies have become a little overexposed of late (they need to sit their PR company down and sort this out)....popping up at weddings and birthdays, all over stationery and's allowed the lesser known dragon-fly and ladybug to become way more hip.....but there's still something about a butterfly......

their ability to float and gently step down onto the tip of a leaf....watching them is something that will never get tired of.

we had a brilliant morning in the butterfly house......although, yikes, it's like a sauna in there.......perfect for butterflies but not so great for humans wearing more than a swimming costume. so, if you're planning a visit wear the least that you can get away with. then, as you are skipping down the paths after butterflies you won't leave a trail of sweat droplets behind.


  1. We're lucky to have amazing butterflies in our garden - they love a tropical climate :) Have you seen the film Bright Star? The butterfly scene is beautiful. xx claire

    P.S - your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! :) And cute name!

  2. mandy, they're fantastically lazy butterflies so perfect models for pics and intent-close-up scrutinising by Limi.

    claire, i can't believe that i haven't seen Bright Star, i love Jane Campion. i will track down a copy immediately.
    thanks, it's strange how i couldn't imagine her with any other name now :)


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