Thursday, 9 June 2011

jun, 9th - to last a lifetime....

day 485:

it's hard to remember back to those first 6 days when Limi had no name.....we were so very-very sure that she was going to be a strong desire for a boy....not even the old-wives'-tale ring test......we were just sure....our families were sure....strangers were sure, hey, even the midwife in the labour ward was sure. we had a boy's name all lined up....first name + second name (well that one was under a bit of debate and i was hoping to sway the vote with my labour bravery) + surname.

girls' names on the other hand....well we had a few....but nothing figured out and it's not the type of thing that you want to announce and then say...actually, changed our mind, she's really called.....

so, we took our time. and it didn't feel strange to call our brand new baby 'bump' for 6 days as we'd been calling her that for 8 months already. looking back it seems strange but at the time, it felt good to get to know her, try out a few names....we even did the calling-out-to-another-room test.

and then on the sixth day, we named her. 

naming a person is really pretty daunting. they have to live with it forever.

but now, after 16 months, i can't believe that there was ever a time when Limi wasn't a Limi. 

we just have to remind ourselves every now and then that she's actually also a Lissom {see day 317}.....which will probably come in handy as soon as we have to attempt the stern-parenting-discipline voice.......which to be honest, is proving difficult so far when her current tantrums involve waggling her finger and saying no-no-no with a huge grin......

think we're toast on the discipline front.


  1. It took us a week to name our daughter Meg too ... I think your name was worth the wait,
    Loving your new header Dee !!!!

  2. We were certain we were having a boy, too! I read somewhere that a study found that pregnant women were more likely to think they were having a boy. Isn't that strange? We had a little girl - such a magical surprise!
    I love that wire/beaded name. Just beautiful! x


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