Monday, 18 July 2011

jul, 18th - swimming in provence....

[pic by A.]

day 520:

top 10 things for today......

1. fresh water swimming on shiny pebbles, at Collias (see pics above)
2. Limi learning to roar like a lion
3. the Arles photography festival in the most incredible venues (more to come)
4. strawberries at breakfast that taste exactly like strawberries should
5. falling in love with a vintage tricycle...honestly, in love completely and utterly and then.....hearing the price
6. singing endless rounds of 'derglumph went the little green frogs' in the car.....with Limi joining in for the 'la, la, la's'
7. amazing street performers
8. Limi's first carousel ride (more to come)
9. beach sand floors
10. a simple boat made from twigs, plastic bags and polystyrene (see pic above)


  1. Oh my ... I really look forward to seeing more photos, it sounds like a visual feast !!!
    The tricycle sounds great.

  2. love all your photos!!! I'm your new follower now.


    jeands (

  3. love all your photos and i love you blog. I'm you new follower now. Looking forward to more photos from you.


    jeands (

  4. Aw love the photo of the cheeky tush. So gorgeous! Lovely photos.



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