Sunday, 12 August 2012

aug, 12th - london olympics....

day 915 / 14:

the most amazing race run by Kenyan, David Rudisha, who set a new world record in the 800m.

i've loved every second of these Olympics and what a special time to be in this city. we were slightly curtailed by the arrival of thunderhooves....but we go away with our own Olympic prize.

looking forward to watching the Paralympics which start in a couple of weeks.

p.s. a reader emailed me with a great suggestion that i start tracking Claya's days, so i've gone back and included them. thanks Meenakshi :) 

p.p.s lucky we had a girl and i don't have to rethink the name of the blog.

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  1. i love seeing that Limi has been around for 901 more days than her little sister!


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