Friday, 31 August 2012

aug, 31st - last day at the beach....

day 934 / 33:

our last morning at the beach.....the holiday really delivered what we were after.....a change of scene, some easy outdoor living and dedicated time with Limi (to help her adjust to having to share us these days). given that she walked around the Shoebox singing 'we're all going on a Summer holiday' for weeks beforehand, we're so glad that we took the hint and made it down to the beach.

sitting outside in the evening listening to the waves, waking up to seagulls, feeling soft sand between our toes, flying kites, jumping on sandcastles and getting to know Claya just a little bit better too were all great tonics for the lack of sleep. 

and after the morning on the beach, one last coffee at The Gallivant {see day 931 / 30}.......

p.s. about the two sugar cubes in the pic is for my hot coffee and according to Limi, the other one is a back-up in case the first one goes 'missing'.

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  1. Is it Camber Sands? We went there a couple of weeks ago. And annoyingly I ignored the sign to The Gallivant (even though I had a recommendation from one of my readers!) and had a very disappointing lunch and tea in Rye. Luckily the town is so pretty and the sun was shining.


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