Friday, 24 August 2012

aug, 24th - big sister in training....

day 927 / 26:

while we are busy soaking up some British sun down at the coast......i just wanted to slip this post in as there have been a number of questions about how Limi is coping with her new sibling.......

our answer is that it is more a case of over-love at this stage. Limi has been in training for this moment for months and months.....even though we never actively encouraged it and tried to steer her away from dolls,  she is obsessed with 'babies' and has been since she was about fourteen months old. i think the main issue is that she wonders why she can't take more of an active role in looking after Thunderhoovsie, wanting to change nappies, bath her, pick her up, feed her (which is an interesting one), violently rock her in the bouncy chair and Claya's least favourite, force her eyes open to play.  after all.....she is an expert when it comes to her own babies: Noah and Panda (Noah is the one being carried in the kitten-drape-pose over her arm, above)......they get dressed and undressed, bathed, changed and put to sleep over and over again during the day.

it's tough on us to keep discouraging her when she's just trying to help and be involved. but as Claya adjusts to the tough love by her sister and we adjust to spending individual time with each of them and time's getting easier to balance. hey, by no means have we figured it all out yet....but we're having fun trying.

p.s. Limi's obsession with babies is at least balanced by her love of Spiderman and doing face-planting dives off the back of the couch. 


  1. Very cute... Reminds me of my daughter. She is 2 yrs old today and loves her baby doll. She will make a good big sister... :)

  2. haha, i remember when my friend got her baby sister. i alway wanted to hold and feed and play with her...
    well oh well...

  3. yes! over-love is a good happens for a while too. my son is 7 and daughter 2...he is always wanting to kiss her cheeks and hug her...she had learned a pretty good scream to try to keep him away when she is not in the mood (though he thinks high pitched screaming is pretty funny too,which just encourages him to keep it up)

    congrats on the new little love...enjoy all the little moments.


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