Tuesday, 28 August 2012

aug, 28th - good coffee....

day 931 / 30:

A. and i love a good coffee (he would argue that most of London doesn't do a good coffee compared to Australia but that's for another day and another post). with a newborn back in the house, strong coffee has become our life blood again. on holiday, we were thrilled when we discovered the Beach Bistro at the Gallivant Hotel. it's a rustically gorgeous bistro and serves decent coffee too.

it also delivered happiness to a two year old by making extra large babycinnos.


A. and i were so impressed by the look of the menu (scallops, salt marsh lamb, freshly caught fish) that we made it down for dinner one night. with Limi asleep at home with my mum and Claya defying the wary looks of fellow diners by not letting out a peep all night, it was great to have some adult time, just the two of us.

p.s. i promise that we don't actually co-ordinate our clothing, we just happened to have packed a lot of stripes this holiday.


  1. We stayed there a few years back when it was called 'the place'. Had a great weekend with fantastic food, and no children! Glad to hear it is still good as we are thinking of making another visit. Love the stripes.

  2. love that a and limi both wear stripes. And this coffehouse looks brilliant. truely awesome! we have a coffee house like this in our village and i often go there and study or meet friends!

  3. Strong coffee becoming your life blood...Yes!...i know that too well.
    Your trip to the beach looks so lovely and sounded relaxing too! Congratulations for getting a night out together, and you made me smile with the stripe matching. We have done that once accidentally too, all 5 of us wearing stripes but luckily not the same colour or width! Love stripes, probably always will.


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