Saturday, 25 August 2012

aug, 25th - at the beach....

day 928 / 27:

we haven't spent much time at the British seaside but with Claya still needing a passport and my mum in town, we decided to decamp to East Sussex for a week. it has wide sand beaches and sand dunes that reminded us both of the rustic beaches of our childhood. 

our ritual became an early morning walk on the beach with Limi. we were joined by bike riders, parents walking babies in buggies, horse riders, runners and even brave swimmers......all before 9am.

and while we were climbing sand dunes with Limi........

Claya was back at the house relaxing with my mum.


  1. awww,how fun!!

    love those jumping photos@@

  2. HA HA HA love Claya's nappy cover...

  3. Blissful deedil. Enjoy! xx

  4. Love these pics Dee and Limi's swimsuit is soooo adorable, not to mention little Claya !!!

  5. why has no one asked where Limi's swim suit is from!!!! it's amazing!


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