Monday, 6 August 2012

aug, 6th - kidivist....

day 909 / 8:

i've had my eye on a Kidivist mobile for ages.....these origami, animal mobiles have a beautifully, whimsical yet graphic quality. each mobile is handcrafted by the lovely Anne in Berlin: from the paper animals to the bending of the delicate aluminium hangers to the packaging.....Anne puts each creation together in her studio (see some pics that she sent, below).

i ordered the black and white Japanese paper mobile to go with 'thunderhooves' crib {see day 888}. Anne and i exchanged a couple of emails and i can honestly say that she's one of the nicest people that i've bought something from. my order was in the mail after two days in a bid to beat thunderhooves.

the parcel was something to get excited about....gorgeous packaging and lots of sweet detail. and the mobile itself completely exceeded expectation. beautifully balanced, it gently rocks at the slightest breeze.

i can't wait to show you it installed above the crib.....just perfect.


  1. how cute, i still have a few hanging over my bed. and i am not a baby anymore...

  2. Wow, it's awesome. Lovely packaging too.
    Can't wait to see more pics.

  3. Love it .... it's going to look pretty great with your black crib !!!


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