Sunday, 5 August 2012

aug, 5th - olympic fever....

day 908 / 7:

Olympic fever has gripped the country, the city and our household......we've maintained the no-T.V. rule with Limi except when it comes to sport (although she does get to watch some cartoons etc. on the laptop every now and then). as a result, Limi thinks that the T.V. only shows rugby, tennis and now........ swimming, sailing, gymnastics and lots of running, jumping and throwing sticks.....the Olympics is amazing for teaching her about new and interesting sports.....although swimming seems to be her favourite as she keeps asking us to change the athletics to swimming.

a couple of days before thunderhooves arrived, the torch passed through West London on it's way to the Olympic Park.....i chose a South African street to go and watch the procession and Kelly took along our Aussie all three nations were well represented.

waiting for the flag to come........

the changeover happened right in front of us but at nine months pregnant, i didn't manage to muscle my way in for the perfect shot......

it's a great time to be living in this city of ours........

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