Monday, 27 August 2012

aug, 27th - conversations with a two year old....

day 930 / 29:

{Limi putting her jersey on the wrong way round}

me: Limi, your jersey is not the right way
Limi: mama, i'm wearing my jersey the left way

can't argue with that and quite like her style.......


  1. Beautifully said... Your photos are very pretty, as are your children. I have enjoyed skimming through your blog today. I find it very charming and inspiring!

  2. she's just sooo awesome. and yeah, that girl has style!!!

  3. looking so beautiful. And love that holiday slop tan on the feet. Trend setting jersey style. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, that kid just gets cuter and cuter!!

  5. i love this.

    and limi is going to be a style icon with that sort of thinking :)

  6. Oh, I remember those days. In fact, I think I have a post entitled the very same and that two-year-old is now seven. It's breathtaking how quickly time flies! She is exquisite, and adorable, and darn smart. :0)


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