Tuesday, 14 August 2012

aug, 14th - london's gold postboxes....

day 917 / 16:

in honour of Team GB's olympic gold medallists, the Royal Mail has painted their iconic red postboxes, located in the home towns or boroughs of the medal winners, gold. we made a pilgrimage to the one closest to us in West London. this one in Chiswick is for Pete Reed's rowing victory.

not sure how long these gold postboxes are going to be around but they're a great reminder of the spirit of these games.

here's the map of where to find them.


  1. What a little princess!! How's Limi coping with all the goings on?

  2. That's exactly what Oats said... 'There's Limi; she's a princess'!

  3. LOVE the first image ...Limi with the crown!

  4. inspired all round. love it.

  5. Dee, I have followed your blog since my two year old was a baby. She is just a little older than Limi. Congratulations on another girl, I am the mother of four daughters! While you are renewing your energy, (is that possible with an infant and a two year old?), perhaps you would enjoy checking out two French sites: 1) Citronille and 2) Nils and Happy to See You. Best wishes as you continue on the amazing journey of motherhood!


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