Wednesday, 15 August 2012

aug, 15th - kidivist in situ....

day 918 / 17:

the beautiful Kidivist mobile {see day 909 / 8} installed over Claya's crib in her small nook in our room. thanks again Anne. it is already capturing her attention.

the teddy bear was given to us before Limi was born. it is filled with sari fabric that was blessed in a temple in India. i love the idea that the insides of this bear have this adventurous history.

the last pic is of the antique sheet given to me by a good friend at my babyshower. she lives close to this market and manages to find the most amazing this sheet also has a tale to tell.

thank you again for all the kind comments. we're slowly finding our way with two and appreciate all the certainly makes things interesting now that we only have one pair of hands per child.........especially at bath time.


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