Monday, 10 September 2012

sep, 10th - first day....

day 945 / 44:

i had great visions of doing a million pics of Limi on her first day of school (how did our parents always manage to wrangle us together for the obligatory pic in the front garden?).....instead, her first day felt like it went by in a blur.......with me reminding her on the way to school, at least five times okay, probably only twice (although it felt like twenty times), to ask a teacher if she needed to i the only one who worries that they will sit there all afternoon not asking for a drink or to wee?

anyway, she came home with a sticker that said, 'i went to the toilet today' so obviously my pep-talk worked.....other highlights were:

  • bathing the babies (dolls)
  • being a crocodile and snapping each other
  • sitting down for a drink and raisins
  • reading a book about a dog

so, first day of school....and it seems to have gone by in a happy blur......


  1. Fantastic - so pleased it was such a roaring success. Clearly my wee pep talk wasn't as well executed as yours! x

  2. She is so, so sweet! Glad it was a great first day.

  3. How beautiful you both look!
    I'm glad she had a lovely day. Even though it was a long time ago, I remember it well.

  4. Go Limi go! Love those first day highlights :)

  5. So glad to hear she had a happy day ... love those highlights too !!!

  6. Lovely to hear all went so smoothly. Look at that beaming smile she's giving....if only mine would even want to go, he'd be on his way!


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