Monday, 3 September 2012

sep, 3rd - burnt enz....

day 936 / 35:

Burnt Enz, so glad that we made it there. it almost feels wrong to post about it now that it's closed on the weekends (there are four thursday night dinners left) as it has to be one of my favourite dining experiences in London.  set up in the Climpson & Sons Roastery under some railway arches in East London, it's a temporary restaurant started by Australian, Dave Pynt. 

Pynt got his grilling expertise from working in the acclaimed Spanish restaurant, Asador Exebarri. so, this is not your typical grill. we had whole leeks with fresh aioli, lamb ribs, courgettes, beef forerib (incredible) and the star dish, bone marrow (served with watercress and lightly toasted bread). seriously god food. all grilling is done over a charcoal flame and also in their specially built ovens (that are now for sale)

char-grilled cuisine with good friends, in an industrial space, with bulbs strung across the ceiling in a criss-cross fashion.....this is my idea of heaven. now you know.

 and this is what it actually looks like when we go out for lunch these days.............


  1. love claya's chubby cheeks!

  2. gorgeous! what a shame it's closing...

    you know... i think I was bang on with 'romantic old-world industrial'. ha!

  3. What a great place .... love these shots so much Dee (and Limi's dress and Claya sleeping !!!)

  4. oh that does look like heaven under a bulb lit sky! braai bliss.

  5. Looks Amazing!!!
    If only we had one of those specially built ovens the other night when we cooked our satay chicken. We used our little griller we bought back from Bali made from an old 44 gallon drum, cooked outside beside the veggie patch. It worked ok....but these are certainly the way to go.
    This place looks like my idea of heaven too.


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