Monday, 24 September 2012

sep, 24th - conversations with a two year old....

day 954 / 53:

this beautiful, vintage toy was given to me by a good friend at my baby-shower. 
he's the original thunderhooves.

Limi: mama, where was i before i was in your tummy?
[yikes, tough question]
me: you hadn't been born yet
Limi: but where was i?
me: you were up in the air
[don't ask....but it's the only thing that came to me]
Limi: up in the air where?
me: well, it's like Claya....before she was in my tummy she wasn't here and now, here she is.....
Limi: she wasn't here, then she was in your tummy and then pop, out she popped....straight out of your tummy

so, my first lecture on the birds and bees went very well then........


  1. Ah yes, we've had many a conversation like this, too. After I was so vague the first time, I decided to just tell my two year old the truth. She asked me if they come out with a key. So sweet. Kellie xx

  2. I had such a funny one with my youngest. I'll never forget it!
    i adore your 'conversations'!!

  3. i asked this my uncle, he is a med when i was three and he explained in a very medical way, then my mum told him, he should try it in a childish way, he did and he took me to the hospital and showed me a few pictures (don't be sceared they were harmless) and a few babys and explained me everything again, years later he asked me if i remember this hospital visit, i did and he took me again and i was allow to be a part of a few appointments. since this day i want to be a neonatalist... my big dream ;)

  4. Oh this photo !!! In love ....


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