Saturday, 1 September 2012

sep, 1st - what is the opposite of writer's block....

day 935 / 34:

i feel like i'm tripping over my words and posts lately in an effort to keep up with all the changes.....there has been so much happening and the lack of sleep and toddler/newborn juggling is making it difficult to string a sentence together never mind do all these things justice.......

* Limi starts pre-school next week....already.....
* Claya is a month old and i haven't written about her birth yet
* we lost our lovely nanny, Kelly, (who deserves her own post/ ten) two weeks ago to a strong desire to wander the globe (she had already delayed her departure twice for us)
* we went to the circus...with clowns...and Limi LOVED them
* i have a whole pile of incredible vintage clothing and lace collars to photograph...including some beautiful lace bonnets that probably won't fit Claya very soon (explaining to A. that we need to have another child so that I can capture the lace bonnets next time around might be a hard sell)
* we went to the most incredible bbq restaurant in East London....seriously one of my all time favourite dining experiences
* family has been here
* finally, over the weekend we went to an ice-cream festival and Limi got to milk a cow.....a fibreglass cow....but with a very realistic udder.....

these posts are all going to come tumbling out over the next no particular order and definitely not staying true to the day sequence....if only i could be lucid at three am...


  1. It took me weeks/months to find my writing/blogging mojo after the birth of Baby Number 2. So you're doing well :)
    Those hazy sleep deprived days all just meld into one :)
    Love that last photo x

  2. Love the style - perfect!!!

  3. Give yourself a break. You're doing brilliantly!! Just enjoy your wonderful family and tell us things when you have the energy. We're not going anywhere x.

  4. You have been busy haven't you Dee, and doing so well to manage so much .... looking forward to hearing about all your things mentioned here ... Oh and PS you look amazing !!!

  5. beautiful pics dee dee. And what a lovely life you are living. So good to be in the picture, so thank you for all your amazing blogging. You are something of a wonder. xxx

  6. Your posts are lovely...images stunning!!! I took so much time off blogging when my 3rd arrived, i am impressed at you still blogging, and doing it so beautifully. Your photos speak a thousand words so you don't even have to string a sentence together if you do not wish. X


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