Saturday, 22 September 2012

sep, 22nd - stiffkey stores....

day 952 / 51:

Stiffkey Stores, The Old Coach House, Wells Road, Stiffkey (01328 830489)

on our way to the Long House {see day 949/ 48} we passed a building with a courtyard outside, strewn in bunting flapping in the breeze over tables and chairs and a sign that said - Stiffkey Stores. it certainly captured our attention so on the first morning, we went to take a look.

Stiffkey Stores is a cafe, plus delicatessan, plus quirky gift store, plus interiors store {see day 948 / 47}, plus local groceries store and surprisingly, it's even the local post office. it's the creation of a young couple who moved cross-country to set up this charming shop. it certainly has the feeling of something that has been lavished with attention and dedication. outside, they have even installed two beach huts with tables inside (i guess for those less sunny days). as I said on day 931 / 30, when we're on holiday, we always feel a little happier when we find a place that does great coffee....and their candy-striped cups and delicious pastries were an added bonus.  

we loved it so much that we visited it four times in two days.......i really wish that all villages had a Stiffkey would make travelling so much more enjoyable.

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