Friday, 21 September 2012

sep, 21st - two loves....

day 951 / 50:

Limi loves toast.....
i think that she's inherited that from me...i remember once having a toast marathon with my sister.

and i love this vintage top that a good friend's aunt found for me. she sends these amazing packages down from North England full of intricate lace/ vintage/ crochet details (collars, trim) and pieces of clothing (including these incredible lace bonnets) .....i always get butterflies when i hear that another package has arrived.

on that note.....a few of you have asked where i find Limi's clothes.....i'll do a post of this soon as the majority of her outfits are linked to an exciting project that i'm currently working on. 


  1. we love toast here too....and limi's clothes...can't wait to hear what you are up to!

  2. What a gorgeous top! I can only imagine how long it stayed clean for!!

  3. oh yes please!! a blog on where you get your kids clothes from - obviously now une Belle Epoque but other recommends would be brilliant - there is a pair of stripy leggings Limi wore when little I adore! Please write more - only just found your blog. Phillipa


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