Wednesday, 5 September 2012

sep, 5th - a,b,c,d....

day 939 / 38:

these two start school on Monday......preschool.....part-time. they have known each other all their lives {see day 159, day 790} and it's super-sweet that they will make this big step together. 

i'm so excited for Limi.....i think that she's so ready to start this next stage. i have to admit that i'm also a little excited for me......i can give some attention to Claya and myself three afternoons a week without feeling like i'm abandoning either of them. 


  1. Wow, pre school - that's big. For you too.

    Beautiful photographs. Your blog is divine.

  2. Thats so adorable they are starting pre school together, I can imagine Limi loving it ... and no doubt you will enjoy your little bit of time too XXX

  3. so sweet. Much happy mischief ahead!

  4. I just found my way to your blog, I love the colours in your photos! will be back here soon.


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