Wednesday, 19 September 2012

sep, 19th - where we stayed....

day 949 / 48:

we stayed in The Long House over the weekend. it's another house from the Living Architecture group. to be honest it didn't bowl me over as much as The Shingle House {see day 808}. i loved the setting in the countryside and could really appreciate the design elements of the house but in terms of atmosphere, the bleakness of Dungeness and the dark wood clad exterior of The Shingle House, definitely captivated me more.

for the six adults, two toddlers and two babes, The Long House did offer plenty of space....and that backyard {see day 948 / 47} was just sublime. next stop on the portfolio is hopefully The Dune House. although, given that it's already booked up for twenty twelve and twenty thirteen, we may have to try one of the others. it just shows how in demand good design is.

did i mention the space?


  1. Awesome, awesome photos as usual. But what I am MOST impressed by is that you've managed to avoid getting a single toy in any shot. Skills.

  2. what a wonderful place.


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