Wednesday, 26 September 2012

sep, 26th - night night....

day 956 / 55:

okay.....i'm shattered.....utterly and completely.....when Limi was born, i said that it's not the initial lack of sleep that everyone expects that's difficult, it's the accumulated lack of sleep that gets you in the end......

we are now playing sleep relay in our household......Claya puts herself to sleep in her crib first (still impresses me), closely followed by Limi....a couple of precious, kid-free hours later, I follow and A. (who is crazily busy at work) is often last.

then Claya wakes up at around one am.....Limi often follows at around two am (this is a new thing), then just when everyone is settled again, Claya wakes up at four and this seems to wake up Limi again. she generally wanders through to climb into our bed (it just doesn't seem right to force her to stay in her own room when the rest of us are all in one together) and snuggles down between us. if i do manage to get Claya back to sleep in her crib, i then have to contend with a two year-old who wants to sleep on top of me (very sweet but not sleep-helpful) mostly, my days are starting at four am......

i have asked friends to excuse all strange behaviour (i sat through part of a lunch the other day wondering why it was so dark inside only to realise, that i still had my sunglasses on)........
i definitely have Sleep on the top of my ever expanding to do list.


  1. Oh lady. Oh LADY. All I can say, I suppose, is that more sleep will come .... one day. Kellie xx

  2. all i can say is there is good reason why sleep deprivation is a form of torture! hope the girls get into their sleep groove soon and let mummy get some more sleep.

  3. One of my favourite photos of Claya (I have just bought her a little jacket number... can't wait to see her in it). And on the no sleep thing... it's tough, tough, tough. I am a walking zombie with just the one so cannot even begin to imagine what you're going through. Hou vas!

  4. Way before we'd even had children my husband worried about the sleep deprivation and I didn't give it a second thought. He was right though, the worst kind of torture and it's all consuming. From your posts you appear to live a wonderful life and manage to get out and about - I remember quite a lot of time spent in pjs. My girls are nearly 9 and 5 now so we're past it, but it goes in a blink, the individual days are look, but collectively it goes so fast. Before you know it they won't come into your bed every morning!!

  5. Oh Dee hope you get some shut eye .....I do love how Limi joins you all, we always all hopped into bed together, Meg still does and she is 18, and I really love love love this pic of Claya .... wishing you some sweet dreams for the weekend XXX


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