Wednesday, 12 September 2012

sep, 12th - kelly....

day 942 / 41:

we lost our wonderful nanny, Kelly, a couple of weeks ago. she's not actually lost.... although, since she's currently in Italy, she might well be......but we couldn't delay her travels and return home to Australia, any longer. from the start, we knew that she would have to leave by the summer but even though Kelly had no formal nanny training, i knew that she would be brilliant with Limi (with us all in fact) and i'm heartbroken to say that i was sooo right. heartbroken because it's so tough to say goodbye especially when you know that you'll be explaining to Limi for ages that Kelly can't help to look after her any more....and is too far away to even visit.

Jae, our first nanny {see day 389, day 546}, was a tough act for Kelly to follow. Limi and Jae had a fantastic relationship, with Jae helping to get Limi walking, talking, counting, swimming and even tap dancing. Kelly came bounding in with her sunshine enthusiasm and tackled the role with an amazing can-do attitude. i loved this led to many adventures for the two of them....for example, we had the following conversation:

me: 'last night, A. took Limi outside to see some fire engines that were fixing an electrical fault around the corner. she loved it. it would be great to take Limi past the huge, local fire station sometime and see whether you could smile a sweet smile and get the firemen to show you around.'

kelly: 'we can do that today on the way to swimming.'

me: 'oh, i wasn't thinking that you had to do it today....but that's great.'

[three hours later, Kelly and Limi have sweetly smiled their way into the fire station and i am receiving photos of them sitting in a fire engine surrounded by firemen giving the thumbs up.]

Kelly taught Limi her colours, how to do an impressive rockstar hand gesture and forward rolls, introduced her to The Lorax (which has to be Limi's favourite Dr Seuss book of all time) , how to eat spaghetti, embraced dress-up every week and finally, introduced her to Darren, her boyfriend, who Limi considers to be her own manny as well......

we were very lucky to have Kelly.....and she will be sorely missed *sob*....i'm not cut out for all these goodbyes.

p.s. the moustache references above are due to the fact that these two have a moustache obsession {see day 803}...i thought that my banner was pretty funny :-)

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