Monday, 17 September 2012

sep, 17th - our backyard....

day 947 / 46:

A. and i crave space at the moment....the Shoebox is getting a bit crowded these days and although we love this space, our very first home, not having enough space to swing a cat child in becoming an issue. while we're figuring the solution out, it's great to have weekends away with space to roam. the vast backyard in Norfolk with horses, sheep and space to fly a kite for the weekend was our kind of heaven.

p.s. thanks to Sal who took a number of these pics while I had my arms full with Claya.


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  2. as much as I love your photos Dee, it's nice to see YOU in a pic! ;)

  3. great photos! these two, well three girls are sooo adorible!

  4. your pics are beautiful! understand wanting to get out in a little quieter / larger space. i have 3 and live in vancouver, thankfully getting out of the city is not too far away. i was wondering where you get your little clothes, they are lovely and a sweet style. any info would be wonderful. thank you

  5. I always love your little weekends away .... what a great spot !!!
    Oh, and loving those matching gumboots on the girls !!!


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