Thursday, 24 June 2010

jun, 24th - swaddling....

day 133:

yay, they've arrived!....i've been struggling to balance swaddling and the British Summer (which arrived a tad late...but never-the-less with some force and steely determination). although the swaddle designs versions were fantastic for winter they're pretty dense for the Summer....especially when these old Victorian houses, are just not equipped to deal with heat! so...just received these gorgeous light-weight, muslin blankets. (they're by aden and anais. i bought mine from hamill baby). they're amazing quality, lovely and soft and will also be great to throw over the pram as a sun shield or to use as a cover. loving the mono-chrome colouring. (they actually come in packs of 4 but the stripey one's already in the cot...pic below!)

of course now that they've arrived....limi appears to be teetering on the brink of breaking free from the swaddle. she's been favouring the back-stroke frog sleeping position this week instead....well i guess they would also make great hammam style towels.
ps. i can't seem to get my head around patterned pyjamas....i know that there'll come a time when she'll want horses, fairies or even worse Hannah Montana splashed across them but for now, after a full day of colour and pattern...there's nothing better than a freshly bathed, sweet smelling Limi in simple white.  

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