Wednesday, 23 June 2010

jun, 23rd - stop the press...a word has been spoken...

[Today in the Park....gorgeous weather!]

day 132:

Limi definitely said MAMA today! to her it was just a sound that she tried out a couple of me it was the result of hours of training :) (I've tried to be fair and say dada to her as much as mama...but hey, i may have slipped a few more mamas in on occasion.) in amongst the general babble and bird's very cool to hear a word you recognise. 

it will be so exciting when she can communicate. we haven't decided yet whether we're going to give baby signing a go. in theory it seems a bit kooky for us but then in practise, it's no different to the way that most parents communicate with their babies, like teaching a baby to wave when you say bye bye or clap when you say, although i don't think that we will be too strict about it all, i think that we may give it a try with a handful of words like:

  • hungry - take your palm and circle it around your stomach
  • sleep - with an open hand, you touch your fingers to your thumb in front of your eyes
  • bed - cup the side of your face in your palm and tilt your head
  • book - palms together, open them like you are opening a book
  • cold - you make two fists and shake them at shoulder height
  • drink - put your thumb up to your mouth
  • eat - touch your fingers to your thumb and put the tips to your mouth
  • more - with your one palm facing towards your chest, tap your other palm to the top of the hand
this is a great site for looking up signs.

some words that i didn't find that i will just make up:

  • hot (weather) - open palm fanning my face (red cheeks and perspiration optional)
  • swear word - hand across mouth to stop it coming out aloud
  • gently (as in...pulling hair; wrestling with other babies; raking those fast growing finger nails down my arm) - stroke cheek with fingers
  • oops (as in 'oops, we forgot to buy more nappies'; 'oops, you just threw-up on my shirt'; 'oops, you just threw-up on my friend's silk shirt' - extended fingers held to mouth with wide eyes

we will probably need to print out some pics or A. and i will end up teaching her completely different signs and insisting that she's hungry when in fact she wants us to read a book!

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  1. go for it dee! us speech pathologists love baby signing. hamish signs 'bird', 'dog', 'more' and 'all done' (very useful to tell me he's finished lunch instead of the previous behaviour of throwing it on the floor). yay for baby signs!


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