Tuesday, 22 June 2010

jun, 22nd - serious soccer fever....

day 131:

this is a brilliant summer to be at home with Limi.  watching Wimbledon tennis always makes you feel like you are sitting in a pot of Summer strawberries and cream, Cricket, like you are swimming in a tub of pimms and now with South Africa hosting the Soccer World Cup, like you are sitting in the middle of a hornets' nest (have you heard those vuvuzela's en masse). So....there is serious sporting mania in our house. (Having never watched much t.v. before, Limi thinks that the screen is a big patch of green grass!!) 

Since this is the biggest, international party that my home has ever hosted and I long to be there...I've been trying to recreate the festival in London (Limi just thinks that we've developed a strange shout-out-loud-at-odd-intervals habit...with additional leaping around the living room shouting Yippee!! She's loving it!)

I was keen for her to represent her (multiple) countries but sadly no-one seems to have had the idea of creating baby-gros completely out of country flag designs (now why didn't I think of that more than a few seconds before the world cup started). So, i have had to make do with these organic suits from Cafe Press. now that Bafana Bafana (S.A.) and potentially the Socceroos (Australia) are both out of the tournament....we will be supporting Ghana, the last African country still playing. so, Limi will be wearing her best, clashing African patterns from now on....

well done Bafana Bafana & the Socceroos...Ayoba!!

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