Wednesday, 2 June 2010

jun, 2nd - jabs...

day 113:

second round of vaccinations today. after the first round (day 65) i was completely prepared this time with 'distractions', calpol and a digital thermometer (my lackadaisical approach having abandoned me after i completely let it down last time). i cancelled any evening plans, ready to rock her to sleep (a complete rule-breaker) and made sure that A. wasn't working late so that we could tag-team.  

i even considered a friend's approach for a moment....which is to make her partner take care of every vaccination (after she witnessed the trauma of the first round) but decided that A. would never fall for that!

when the first snowy white thigh was exposed and the midwife brought out the HUGE needle i even flinched....but as it went deep into her unsuspecting thigh, did Limi even squeak or squirm....nope.....not one indication that anything sharp and menacing had come near her! same on the other side.....and THEN...i prop her up and she gives the midwife a big GRIN!!!

the midwife was quite startled!

no tears, no fever, no grumpiness!

although....after working myself up for the appointment...i was the one in need of some gentle rocking!  

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