Sunday, 27 June 2010

jun, 27th - climbing the walls....

[we look a bit serious but actually there were plenty of smiles....]

day 136:

after a day of spring-cleaning yesterday, we needed to escape the limi was bathed and pyjama-ed (didn't you used to love going out in your pyjamas when you were'd fall asleep and wake up in your bed in the if by magic! i think that the idea may have over-lingered into my university years...except, i'd just wake up in the clothes from the night before.) 

anyway, we're lucky because limi is fine with falling asleep in her cot and then being transferred into her car-seat and back again! with a gorgeous, long, Summer eve and wanting to recreate the recent trip to Greece, we headed to the terrace at The Real Greek. They're a chain which is usually not our favourite but it's close to home and sitting on the terrace, you have a view of this stunning Green Wall. 

i'm a big fan of Green/Living walls. i guess they're the contemporary version of ivy-clad walls which i've always had a soft spot for. another great Living Wall in London is at the amazing Anthropologie store in Regent Street....i may need to go and show Limi that one too!....i mean, surely it's a bit like taking her to an indoor park on a rainy day........


1 comment:

  1. Deedle,

    There's a living wall at the Oval...

    When you gonna bring Limi to watch some cricket?!

    S x


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